Knowbler Release Notes (Q1 '24)

The first quarterly release of 2024 introduces Creator Mode for content reviewers, a new field for mapping in Zendesk, permissions support for Zendesk, and new Error Logs for the Claude integration.

Creator Mode for Content Reviewers

Collaboration on an article involves people with different rules. Some draft articles and others review them. With the reviewer mode, a user can fulfill both roles if they have the right set of permissions. Content Reviewers can now click on the top right corner of your Knowbler application to switch to the Creator Mode and draft and publish articles themselves.

More information: Content Reviewers: Rate Knowledge Articles in a Service Desk

Permissions Support for Zendesk

All the Zendesk permissions are now supported in Knowbler. Earlier all users could create articles, edit articles, save drafts, and publish articles. Now, only users with edit and publish permissions in Zendesk can create, save drafts, and publish new knowledge articles. Users or groups with only edit permission in Zendesk can create and save article drafts but cannot publish them. Users or groups without any permissions in Zendesk will an error message when opening Knowbler.

More information: Knowbler for Agents in Zendesk

New Field for Mapping in Zendesk

Administrators can now map a new Zendesk field "Related To" with Knowbler. This field allows support agents to tag knowledge articles.

More information: Knowbler-Zendesk: Configuration in Zendesk

Error Logs for Claude

Auto-Generate may not work sometimes because of a problem in the LLM. Six common errors from Claude have been identified. The agent can use the Retry button in Knowbler for three of these six errors and proceed to use generate articles with LLM.

More information: View Error Logs

Support for Custom Templates in Zendesk

All your article templates stored in Zendesk are now supported in Knowbler. You can use one or more templates while mapping fields.

For the support agents, they get more choice in templates while writing articles.

More information: Knowbler-Zendesk: Configuration in Zendesk and Knowbler for Agents in Zendesk

Improved Search for Agents in Salesforce

Knowbler search now supports Synonym Groups. All your synonym clusters in Salesforce now work in search.

Search query length is now fixed at 100 characters. Queries exceeding 100 characters are trimmed to the initial 100.

To improve relevancy, results featuring all of your search terms are prioritized over those with only some of the terms.

More information: Knowbler for Agents in Salesforce

Last updatedThursday, March 28, 2024

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