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Error Logs keeps you on top of the disruptions in the regular functioning third-party tools, such as OpenAI. Knowbler interacts with the integrated third-party tools, but those tools can refuse to answer. The reasons can be several. They may be experiencing an overload or your LLM plan may have run out of the allocated requests. Whatever the reason, by looking at the logs, Knowbler admins can find the errors as soon as they occur and take steps to fix them and minimize the impact on knowledge generation.

Error Logs

To view the error logs, go to Large Language Model and open Error Logs.

The report has four columns: Agent Email, Time Stamp, Case ID, and Error.

A search function helps the admins filter errors by case ID. The admins can fetch data for a specified period using Date Range. The download button generates a CSV file with error log data.

Error Types (OpenAI)

The errors that can fill the fourth column are of three kinds: The ones that agents can troubleshoot, the ones that the admin has to fix, and the ones that are from the LLM.

Errors that Agents can Troubleshoot

  • API Error code: 429: Too many requests

  • Python Library Error code: Timeout

The message displayed to the agent in both errors is: OpenAI was not able to fetch content for auto-generation. Please retry.

The agent can click "Retry" to fix the problem.

Errors that the Knowbler Admin can Fix

  • Python Library Error code: AuthenticationError

There messaged displayed to the admin is "OpenAI has expired."

The admins receive an email notifying them of the Authentication Error. To fix it, they can authenticate the connection with the LLM again.

Agents cannot use auto-generation after this error until the Knowbler admin has reauthenticated the key.

Errors in OpenAI

  • API Error code: 500: Server error from OpenAI

  • API Error code: 503: OpenAI is overloaded

  • Python Library Error code: APIError

  • Python Library Error code: RateLimitError

  • Python Library Error code: APIConnectionError

  • Python Library Error code: InvalidRequestError

  • Python Library Error code: ServiceUnavilableError

The message displayed to the agent is "OpenAI is down currently. Auto-generation cannot be supported." In this case, the problem lies in the LLM and there is nothing the agent or the Knowbler admin can do. If you have to write an article, when OpenAI is down, then the only way to do that is without the auto-generation feature.

Error Types (Claude)

The errors that can fill the fourth column are of two kinds: The ones that agents can troubleshoot and the ones that and the ones that are from the LLM.

Errors that Agents can Troubleshoot

  • 400 - Invalid request.

  • 403 - Forbidden: your API key does not have permission to use the specified resource.

  • 404 - Not found: the requested resource was not found.

The agent can click "Retry" to fix the problem.

Errors in Claude

  • 429 - Rate limit error.

  • 500 - An unexpected error has occurred internal to Anthropic's systems.

  • 529 - Anthropic's API is temporarily overloaded.

The message displayed to the agent is "Unable to auto generate content."

Last updatedWednesday, April 10, 2024

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