Knowbler for Agents in Salesforce

Knowbler is developed using Lightning Web Components (LWC) and is available for Lightning LWC.

Create an Article

You can reuse the information on case pages to create articles. Instead of starting from scratch, edit the data in the mapped fields.


Knowbler-Salesforce: Configuration in Knowbler and Install Knowbler in Salesforce

  1. Open a case and launch Knowbler.

  2. Clickto start creating a new article.

  3. A list of templates, created by Knowbler admins, will be presented. Choose one.

  4. Edit the data in the mapped fields.

    NOTE 1. Ensure that the Title and URL fields aren't empty. Articles cannot be saved when either of these fields is empty. Title cannot be longer than 255 characters. The size of data in other fields is regulated by Salesforce.

    NOTE 2. Ensure that there is data in all the mandatory fields defined by your Salesforce Admin. If they are empty, then the article cannot be saved.

  5. Alternatively, wait for Auto-Generate to compose a title and a summary. It generates a title and description in a matter of a few seconds. Auto-Generate works when Knowbler is connected with an LLM. If you don't see Auto-Generate in your Knowbler, then ask your admin to set it up.

  6. Use the rich text editor to draft articles. The enhanced editor offers several formatting options: the ability to insert images, tables, blockquotes, code blocks, the Export to Word function, and many others.

  7. Once the draft is ready, choose one of the following:

    • Save as Draft saves the article as a draft in Salesforce.

    • Publish is visible only if you have the requisite rights in your org. Once you click Publish, a dialog appears where you can decide whether to publish the article right away or schedule the publishing for later.

    • Publish & Attach publishes your draft and links it to the opened case.

Access Control and Other Settings

On Knowbler instances, a second tab can be spotted next to Create Article.

The default name for the second tab is Access Control and Other Settings, but the name can be changed from the Field Mapping screen.

Create Article contains content fields, such as title, urlName, and summary. The fields that carry permissions—such as isVisibleInCsp and isVisibleInPkb—are stored in Access Control and Other Settings. If a Knowbler admin has assigned at least one field to Access Control and Other Settings, then the agents will see two tabs. Else, they will find only one tab in the Knowbler.

Regenerate an Article


This feature only works when LLM is enabled.

Knowledge articles can become obsolete when new information is added to a case. This can happen when a customer opens a case again and the new resolution is slightly different. It can also happen when an expert suggests a more efficient solution. The scenarios are many. The only thread uniting those scenarios is the need to update the knowledge article based on the latest case details. The Re-generate button helps agents update knowledge articles faster.

To update an article, open the case linked to it in the background, launch Knowbler and then click Re-generate.

Re-generate over the field Description updates only the content in the description field and Re-generate over the field Title updates only the content in the title field.

Share an Article

You can share published knowledge articles in four ways: Attach to Case, Link via Email, Link via Case Comment, and Copy to Clipboard.

To start, use the search box to find a knowledge article for sharing. Search supports Synonym Groups and you can receive up to 2000 results for a query. Results featuring all of your search terms are prioritized over those with only some of the terms. For instance, a query like [a b c d e] will show results with [a b c d e] before showing results with [a b c d], [a d e], [b c e], or any other combination. When searching, use brief queries. Queries exceeding 100 characters reduce relevancy in search results.

  1. Once you have located the right article in search results, click on ellipsis.

  2. Select a sharing option:

    • Attach to Case links a knowledge article to the opened Salesforce case.

    • Link via Email sends an email with the knowledge article's URL. The support agent supplies the receiver's address.

    • Link via Case Comment publishes a new comment on the case page with the knowledge article URL.

    • Copy to Clipboard copies the knowledge article URL to your device's buffer.

  3. Unless you have picked "Copy to Clipboard", you'll be asked if the article-to-be-shared is a Reference or Resolution. You can only add one resolution to a case but there is no upper limit to the number of reference articles that can be attached.

  4. Click OK to proceed.

View Articles

Knowledge articles are listed under three tabs: My Draft Articles, All Draft Articles, and Published Articles. The articles are sorted in descending order by last modified date. It's possible to filter by language from the Language dropdown. If a Knowbler admin has added the language field while mapping, then you can specify knowledge article language. The default language is the language set in the org. You can also use an in-built search function to find articles by their titles.


Ask your Knowbler admin to provide you access through Configure Article List View if you cannot see Other Draft Articles in Knowbler.

Each article in the list has five fields: Title, Article ID, Template, Author Name, and Last Modified Date. To view the contents of an article, hover the cursor over its title. A preview window opens.

Edit a Knowledge Article Draft

  1. To make changes in an article, click ellipsis ().
  2. Click either Edit Article or Manage in Salesforce. The first feature lets agents edit articles in Knowbler and the second feature opens the article in Salesforce.

  3. Click Save after you are done.


  • Error: Cannot Save URL. An error message shows up when a new title matches an existing one. In such a scenario, edit the URL to make it unique.

  • Error: Cannot Save Title. Crop the title to fewer than 255 characters.

  • Error: Mapping is Unavailable. Objects for mapping are only available for fields that accept variables. For example, you can store a Title in a Subject, a case body in an article body, and so on. But for Boolean fields (such as isPublished), you can select a value and connect them to a template.

  • Error: There is no template. The "Choose a template" is not available when your Knowbler admin has used only the Salesforce Master template. This is not an error per se. To view the screen, ask your Knowbler admin to create a few custom templates in Salesforce and configure them in Knowbler.

  • API Error code: 429: Too many requests. Click "Retry".

  • Python Library Error code: Timeout. Click "Retry"

  • Python Library Error code: AuthenticationError. Agents cannot use auto-generation after this error until the Knowbler admin has reauthenticated the key. Ask your admin to authenticate Knowbler again.

  • OpenAI Errors. The Auto Generation feature in OpenAI may sometimes generate errors due to factors within OpenAI. In such cases, there is usually nothing an agent or admin can do but wait until the error is resolved. A list of known OpenAI errors can be found in the View Error Logs (Knowbler).