Content Reviewers: Rate Knowledge Articles in a Service Desk

All Content Reviewers see a Predicted Score tab on launching Knowbler in their Service Desk. If you don't see the tab, then it means that your Knowbler admin hasn't added you into the reviewers' list. Share your business email with your Admin and ask the Admin to add you into the list of Content Reviewers. The process has been explained in Configure Advanced Settings in Knowbler.

For newly created articles, you can see "Evaluate" instead of "Predicted Score." The former appears when the Knowbler's machine learning systems haven't reviewed the article. The machine review can take up to 15 minutes.

If you see the tab, then you are a Content Reviewer and you can proceed with rating knowledge articles. The reviewed articles are marked "Already Evaluated" and the Content Health score. The predictedscore is attained by calculated the normal average.

Evaluate Articles in Knowbler

  1. From , a language. This function is useful if your knowledge base is multilingual and your job is to review articles in only a subset of them. If German is forte, you can use the filter to list articles in German. It's important to note here that article predictions are currently supported only in English.


  2. From Agent, select the rep whose articles you plan to review.

  3. Click anywhere on an article to open it for review.

  4. The draft opens. Review it and click Predicted Score.

  5. In Evaluate Content Health > Your Evaluation, check "Yes" if the article matches the named criterion, or "No" if it doesn't.

  6. Click Submit.

You can now consult Analytics Intelligent Insights for rating data: Intelligent Insights: Content Health and Content Health Summary.

Last updatedThursday, December 28, 2023

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