Knowbler for Agents in Zendesk

Using Knowbler, agents can create knowledge articles faster by drawing on case information. The articles can be saved as drafts, published right away on a Zendesk Guide knowledge base, linked to a case, shared as a case comment, or copied to clipboard.


Knowbler respects the permissions assigned to a group or a user in Zendesk.

  • Only users with edit and publish permissions in Zendesk can create, save drafts, and publish new knowledge articles.

  • Users or groups with only edit permission in Zendesk can create and save article drafts but cannot publish them.

  • Users or groups without any permissions will receive the following message when opening Knowbler: 'Kindly contact your administrator to gain access to articles.

View Knowledge Articles

To view articles related to an opened case, launch Knowbler from Apps.

If multiple articles appear, you can use two filters and a sort function to find the most relevant articles faster. The first filter, All Draft, allows you to list your own articles (My Draft Article), Published Article, or both (All Draft).

The second filter is a language filter. Clicking opens a Select Language menu. Articles in Knowbler appear only in the selected language. While agents can view articles in any language, they can only create and edit articles in English.

With the sort function, agents can view the newest or oldest articles first.

Finally, search helps find published articles without leaving Knowbler.

Share Knowledge Articles

Articles can be shared with users in two ways:

  • Link Via Case Comment. Clicking this button publishes a link to the article in the Zendesk case comment.

    Clicking the Link to Article in Case Comment button opens a dialog asking you whether to share the link as a reference or resolution. At most one resolution can be shared on a case.

  • Copy to Clipboard. Clicking this button copies the URL of the published article, which can then be pasted into an email or chat message. The URL may be public or private, depending on your configuration. Anyone with a public URL can read the shared help article, but access to private URLs is usually restricted. Even if a customer has a private URL, they cannot read the article.


Customers cannot view the articles on private URLs. Knowbler admins can configure the default URL in Article Sharing Settings. The feature is covered in Knowbler-Zendesk: Configuration in Zendesk.

Write Knowledge Articles

Knowledge articles are written inside Knowbler.

  1. On the agent interface, open a case page and launch Knowbler from Apps.

  2. Click .

  3. Select a template. Agents will see all the active templates.

  4. Case details are automatically copied into the article, so you can start drafting right away.

  5. Alternatively, you can let Auto-Generate compose a title and description for you. It can take up to nine seconds to generate a title and description. Auto-Generate only works when Knowbler is connected to a large language model (LLM). If you don't see Auto-Generate in your Knowbler, ask your admin to set it up.

  6. Select a language. The dropdown is available once your Knowbler admin has mapped ArticleMasterLanguage field.

  7. Scroll down to insert a Label for the articles. Agents can create new labels or select one or more existing labels. An article can have between 1 and 50 labels.

  8. Zendesk knowledge is organized into categories and sections. Categories are top-level containers. Sections are nested within categories, and sections can contain other sections. The maximum depth of the knowledge base hierarchy is five levels.

    Here is an example:

    • Category: Products

    • Section: Electronics (depth 1)

    • Section: Home Appliances (depth 2)

    • Section: Refrigerators (depth 3)

    • Section: SU Refrigerators (depth 4)

    • Section: SU Refrigerators with Internet (depth 5)

    This image illustrates the structure.

  9. Each article in Zendesk must have a category and a section. Knowbler lets agents pick the right category and section for their article from the function Section. Open it.

  10. Select a Category. Categories cannot be searched, but agents can scroll up or down to find the right one. However, agents can search for a section directly from the search box.

  11. Use the search box to find a section lower in the hierarchy. Then, click Select.

  12. The draft is ready. Select a publishing option:

    1. Save as Draft saves the article as a draft.

    2. Publish pushes the article to Zendesk Guide.

    3. Publish & Attach pushes the article to Zendesk Guide and inserts the article link as a comment on the opened case.

Edit Knowledge Articles

To change an article, click ellipsis () and then Edit Article.

Use the rich text editor and other functions to update the article.


  • API Error code: 429: Too many requests. Click "Retry".

  • Python Library Error code: Timeout. Click "Retry"

  • Python Library Error code: AuthenticationError. Agents cannot use auto-generation after this error until the Knowbler admin has reauthenticated the key. Ask your admin to authenticate Knowbler again.

  • OpenAI Errors. The Auto Generation feature in OpenAI may sometimes generate errors due to factors within OpenAI. In these cases, there is nothing an agent or admin can do but wait until the error is resolved. A list of known OpenAI errors can be found in the View Error Logs.

  • Missing Translations. You cannot save articles using the Language dropdown if not all Zendesk sections and categories have been translated. To fix this issue, translate all Zendesk sections and categories before saving your article.

Last updatedWednesday, April 10, 2024

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