Knowbler August 2023 Release Notes

The August ‘23 Knowbler release took place on August 31, 2023. This release brings several big changes. Admins can review Error Logs to stay on top of disruptions in the functioning of a connected LLM and minimize the hit on productivity.

In other updates, the enhanced Salesforce editor offers new text formatting features and Knowbler supports mapping in the Salesforce Master template.

Large Language Models: Error Logs

When a third-party Large Language Model connected with your Knowbler instance breaks down, the auto-generate function ceases to work. Error Logs keeps a record of all these disruptions. Admins can view the errors to minimize the impact on knowledge generation.

Link: View Error Logs

Enhanced Editor for Knowbler in Salesforce

The enhanced editor offers several formatting options. You can the insert images, tables, blockquotes, and code blocks. The Export to Word function is another delight. There are several other features available.

Link: Knowbler for Agents in Salesforce

Support for Salesforce Master Template

Until now, you could use Knowbler only when you had at least one custom template in your Salesforce org. That changes with this release. For those orgs where no custom template has been defined, the admins can still use Knowbler, which now allows you to map fields either to a custom template or, in their absence, to the default Master template.

Link: Knowbler-Salesforce: Configuration in Knowbler

Last updatedThursday, August 31, 2023

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