Configure LLM Integration

Article titles can be generated from cases in two ways.

  1. The traditional method is to map one or more case fields to the article title field. For example, by mapping case.year, case.category, and case.subject to the article title field, you can obtain article titles such as 2023: Knowbler: How to improve suggestions from OpenAI? 

    Mapped Case Field Value Title Generated from the Mapped Fields
    case.year 2023 2023: Knowbler: How to improve suggestions from OpenAI? 
    case.category Knowbler
    case.subject How to improve suggestions from OpenAI?
  2. A more advanced method is to draw upon artificial intelligence. While mapping fields, check Autogenerate Title. Based on the LLM configuration, it can generate titles in one of the three ways: 

    • Knowbler Provisioned AI is used to generate only article titles using Knowbler AI.

    • Knowbler Partner Provisioned AI is used to generate article titles and descriptions using either Claude by AWS or with OpenAI Service.

    • A third-party AI is used to generate article titles and descriptions using either OpenAI and Google Bard. In this scenario, your data is shared with the third-party application, so read their privacy policy carefully before enabling the LLM integration.


You can connect Knowbler with multiple LLMs, but you can only keep one LLM active at a time. When Knowbler is in use, you cannot simultaneously use Claude by AWS, and vice versa.


  1. Log in and find Integrations.

Knowbler Provisioned AI

Knowbler AI is a SearchUnify product. To use it, toggle Knowbler AI to the right.

When Knowbler AI is in use, then your data is not shared with a third-party generative AI platform. Your data remains secure with us. You can read our privacy policy by clicking on the Get Privacy Policy button. The policy will be emailed to you.

Knowbler Partner Provisioned LLM

Partner provisioned LLMs are generative AI platforms that collaborate with Knowbler. They offer enhanced data security compared to third-party LLMs and provide the flexibility to try before you buy.

Claude by AWS and OpenAI Service are two partner provisioned LLMs. Claude by AWS is currently available, and you can activate a 14-day trial anytime. OpenAI Service will be accessible in forthcoming releases. To subscribe after the trial period concludes, reach out to the team via the "Contact Us" button.

Bring Your Own LLM

  1. This section offers three options: OpenAI, OdinAI, and Bard.

  2. Google Bard is inactive but it will be a part of Knowbler in upcoming releases. You can integrate Knowbler with Open AI or OdinAI right now. Before proceeding with integration, read the privacy policy, a link to which is right below the box.

  3. To activate OpenAI, enter the API key. To activate Odin AI, enter the Key, Product ID, and Access ID. Then click Connect.

  4. It'll take a few seconds for the connection to get established. (Image 1/5)

    You will see a Connection Successful message if the entered key is correct. (Image 2/5)

    Then a Check appears and the key is replaced by a 51-character long string that starts with sk. (Image 3/5)

    However, if the key is incorrect, then an Invalid Key message appears. (Image 4/5)

    Use Remove () to delete the key and establish a connection again. Remove appears when you hover the cursor over the green check box. (Image 5/5)

    Connecting. (Image 1/5)

    Connection Successful message. Don't switch tabs while a validation is underway. (Image 2/5)

    The green check denotes a successfully established connection. (Image 3/5)

    An invalid key. (Image 4/5)

    A key can be invalid for two reasons: (a) It's incorrect. (b) It's expired.

    Click to delete the key. (Image 5/5)

  5. Click Activate to establish the connection.

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