Knowbler 2022 Release Notes

KCS Enabler has been renamed to Knowbler. The app is now an independent product. This section lists the major changes introduced in the first standalone version of the application.

Enforce Quality Standards with Content Health

Content Health offers a template, where admins can choose up to six parameters on which knowledge article drafts are evaluated. Using the template, teams that work on knowledge articles can avoid duplicate content and adhere to quality standards.

Once the parameters have been selected, SearchUnify’s artificial intelligence reviews each draft and predicts a quality score. A content reviewer can accept the predicted score and/or assign his own score on uniqueness, accuracy, links validity, and metadata.

The cumulative score for the entire team is available on Dashboard.

LinkConfigure Advanced Settings in Knowbler

Language Filter for Knowbler Drafts

If your multilingual team creates knowledge articles in English, Spanish, French, and other languages, then all the knowledge articles show up in Published. For a support rep who doesn’t speak French, Select Language allows them to filter out questions in foreign languages with the click of a button.

LinkKnowbler for Agents in Zendesk

Knowbler Analytics in Zendesk

Knowbler analytics were available for support teams on Salesforce until now. This release introduces all five reports for Zendesk. Teams working in Zendesk can monitor adoption with Overview Report, Support Effectiveness, Contributor Analytics, Article Usage Analytics, and Least Used Articles.

LinkMonitor Knowbler Adoption with Analytics

Knowbler from Lightning Web Components in Salesforce

The backend code for Knowbler has been rewritten using Lightning Web Components. The new version runs natively on browsers and offers a faster and superior experience.

LinkKnowbler for Agents in Salesforce

Hover Over Title for a Preview

Preview a result by hovering your cursor over the result’s title. The hovering opens a preview window. This new method of taking a sneak peek into content is faster than opening each result of interest in a new tab. The function works only on Knowbler for Salesforce.

LinkKnowbler for Agents in Salesforce > View Articles

Full-View and Sharing Options

Support reps can now switch between full-view and default-view with a click on . As to sharing articles, three options are available: Copy to Clipboard, Share via Case Comment, and Send link via email. Reps can break the connection between an article and a case with Detach. Copy to Clipboard copies the public URL of Share via Case Comment article and the second links the article to a Zendesk case as a comment.

LinkKnowbler for Agents in Salesforce > Share Article

Revamped Zendesk UI

Knowbler for Zendesk has an engaging and flexible new look. Support reps can drag and extend the Knowbler app in Zendesk to write articles. The new interface lets you sort articles. You can also filter articles by language and their publication status. Next to editing have appeared two new sharing functions. functions: Copy to Clipboard and Link via Case Comment.

LinkKnowbler for Agents in Zendesk

Last updatedFriday, February 24, 2023

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