Configure Advanced Settings in Knowbler

Knowbler provides an integrated system where you can:

This article shows how to configure Knowbler so that a similar Content Health report shows up on your Dashboard.

Activate Content Health

Before proceeding, ensure that you have at least one Service Desk configured. The instructions for configuration are on Configure Knowbler for Salesforce for Salesforce, Configure Knowbler (Zendesk) for Zendesk, and Configure Knowbler (Microsoft Dynamics) for Microsoft Dynamics. If there is no active Service Desk, then Set up Content Health is disabled.

  1. Go to Advanced Settings and click Set up Content Health.

  2. Select a Service Desk Management Tool. A Service Desk is the platform where your support agents work. Knowbler supports three service desks: Salesforce, Zendesk, and Microsoft Dynamics.

  3. Enter reviewer emails in Content Reviewers. Use commas to separate email addresses. Reviewers are the people who check knowledge articles for selected criteria (next step) and give articles a rating.

  4. Pick Content Parameters. Six parameters are supported: Unique, Complete, Content Clear, Accurate Title, Links Valid, and Metadata Correct. An article is evaluated twice on the parameters checked in Include. First, by Knowbler's machine learning and the second time by a Content Reviewer. ML checks an article for four parameters: Unique, Accurate Title, Links Valid, and Metadata.

  5. Define the minimum threshold that articles should ideally meet or exceed. If Set Content Standard is 90 and four out of six articles score 90 or higher, then 60% of your articles meet the standards. The formula to calculate content health score is .

  6. On Advanced Settings, Activate the Content Health report for your service desk.

Edit or Delete Content Health

You can edit a Content Health report or delete it using and in Action.