Knowbler December 2023 Release Notes

The December 2023 release introduces two key features: language field support for Zendesk and a new category of LLMs called Knowbler Partner Provided LLMs.

Language Dropdown in Knowbler for Zendesk

In Zendesk, agents can now specify the content language while drafting an article using the newly-added dropdown menu, Language. This feature is available where a Knowbler administrator has configured the ArticleMasterLanguage field.

More information: Knowbler-Zendesk: Configuration in Zendesk and Knowbler for Agents in Zendesk

Knowbler Partner Provisioned LLMs Launched

Previously, you could choose between Knowbler AI and third-party LLMs. Now, we're introducing a new category: Knowbler Partner Provisioned LLMs. These LLMs combine the strengths of major third-party models with Knowbler AI's security, offering the best of both worlds. Currently, Claude by AWS is the only partner-provisioned LLM, but more options will be available in 2024 and beyond.

More information: Configure LLM Integration

Last updatedThursday, December 28, 2023

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