Knowbler May 2023 Release Notes

The fifth monthly Knowbler release took place on May 30, 2023.

WYSIWYG Editor in Knowbler for Zendesk

The knowledge workers can format text, insert images, and add hyperlinks into their articles with the new editor. The editor is lightweight, loads fast, and offers several composition features right inside the Knowbler article creation and edit window.

LinkKnowbler for Agents in Zendesk

New Filter in Microsoft Dynamics

With a new filter, Visibility, knowledge workers can pull articles by their Visibility status, which can be either External or Internal. The default value is set to All, so that articles with visibility status External and Internal are in the list.

Link: Knowbler for Agents in Microsoft Dynamics

Improved Search in Microsoft Dynamics

Each search query is now matched with data in four fields, up from two, to return highly relevant results. The four fields are Title, Description, Content, and Keywords, the last two being new in the May 2023 release.

Link: Knowbler for Agents in Microsoft Dynamics

Last updatedWednesday, August 2, 2023

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