Knowbler for Agents in Microsoft Dynamics

Using Knowbler, agents can create knowledge articles faster by drawing on case information. To view the application, open a case.

View Knowledge Articles

Launch Knowbler on a case page. To find an article, use a filter and/or a sort function.

Through the filter All Draft dropdown, agents can list their own articles (My Drafts), published articles (Published), approved articles (Approved), and articles scheduled for publishing (Scheduled).

Another filter is Visibility whose default value is set to All. You can use this filter to pull articles with the visibility status External and Internal.

With the sort function, an agent can view either newest or the oldest articles first.

Finally, a search helps find articles without leaving Knowbler. The search looks for matches in four article fields: Title, Description, Content, and Keywords.

Share an Article


Sharing works only on public articles.

The sharing functions on work profiles, not personal profiles.

For Link via case comment to work, you need the portal Customer service trial in your environment. Ask your Knowbler admin to set it up if you cannot share articles. The instructions are in the last section of Configuration in Microsoft Dynamics.

You can share published knowledge articles in four ways: Link to Case, Copy to Clipboard, Send Link via Email, Send Link via Case Comment.

  1. In the published articles list, use the search box to find a knowledge article. For a query, you can receive up to 2000 results. Once you have located the right article, click ellipsis.

  2. Select a sharing option:

    • Link to Case attaches a knowledge article to the opened case.

    • Copy to Clipboard copies the knowledge article URL to your device's buffer.

    • Send Link via Email sends an email with the knowledge article's URL. The support agent supplies the receiver's address.

    • Send Link via Case Comment publishes a new comment on the case page with the knowledge article URL.

  3. Unless you have picked "Copy to Clipboard", answer if the article-to-be-shared is to function as a reference or resolution. You can only add one resolution to a case but there is no upper limit to the number of reference articles that can be attached.

  4. Click OK to proceed.

Write Knowledge Articles

Knowledge articles are written inside Knowbler.

  1. On the agent interface, launch Knowbler, and click Create Article.

  2. A tab will open, where you can create knowledge in MS Dynamics.

Edit Knowledge Articles

To make changes in an article, click ellipsis and then Edit Article to make changes right inside Knowbler or Manage in Microsoft Dynamics to edit the article in Microsoft Dynamics.

Edit Article Screen

The articles are edited inside Microsoft Dynamics. The editor opens as a pop-up.

Manage Articles in Microsoft Dynamics

The articles are edited inside Microsoft Dynamics. The editor opens in a new tab.


  • API Error code: 429: Too many requests. Click "Retry".

  • Python Library Error code: Timeout. Click "Retry"

  • Python Library Error code: AuthenticationError. Agents cannot use auto-generation after this error until the Knowbler admin has reauthenticated the key. Ask your admin to authenticate Knowbler again.

  • OpenAI Errors. The Auto Generation feature in OpenAI may sometimes generate errors due to factors within OpenAI. In such cases, there is usually nothing an agent or admin can do but wait until the error is resolved. A list of known OpenAI errors can be found in the View Error Logs (Knowbler).