Knowbler November 2023 Release Notes

The November 2023 release brings introduces a Large Language Model Usage Dashboard where you can monitor LLM consumption.

Release Version in Admin Panel

Each month brings a new Knowbler release. After upgrading to the November 2023 release, you can discover which release version you are on by looking at the top left corner of your admin panel. If you are more than three releases behind the current version, it's time to talk with the Knowbler team and upgrade.

LLM Usage Dashboard

When you rely on LLMs to generate titles and summaries for knowledge articles, the last thing you want is rack up a huge bill. The LLM Usage Dashboard monitors the tokens exchanged between all connected LLMs and Knowbler. You can review the dashboard regularly to stay on top of token usage data.

Documentation: LLM Usage Dashboard

Last updatedThursday, November 30, 2023

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