Configure Knowbler (Salesforce)

Knowbler on Salesforce. It means that for Knowbler to function, configurations have to made in Knowbler and Salesforce.


If you have recently bought Knowbler, then start with the article Knowbler-Salesforce: Configuration in Knowbler and then follow the instructions on Install Knowbler in Salesforce.


Setting up is where the groundwork is laid. It's never the end-goal. Organizations buy Knowbler to ease into the KCS mode of content generation, accelerate content generation at source, and increase KCS adoption. Each goal presupposes that support agents can use Knowbler efficiently. Share Knowbler for Agents in Salesforce with your support agents after configuring the app.


Configuring Knowbler is akin to constructing a home. It's difficult but a finite process with a start date and an end date. Improving a home with new furniture, carpets, or floors, is a never-ending process. Reviewing Knowbler can be compared to improving a home. There is a lot of work to do after configuring Knowbler. The nature of the work depends how your support agents have taken to using Knowbler. Some support agents are quick adopters while others need more encouragement. You can find the ones who need assistance from Knowbler Analytics, which features 6 different reports to help you stay on top of all the crucial KCS metrics, including who is generating the most useful articles and the most shared articles. Checkout all the reports in Monitor Knowbler Adoption with Analytics.

Last updatedThursday, December 28, 2023

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