Knowbler Notifications

Notifications is the bell icon in your application. It provides a centralized place to view all Knowbler updates that impact your instance and users.

Notification Types

  • New Releases

  • Security Updates

  • Knowbler Events

  • Others

Each time a new release is announced, a security update is underway, or an event is about to happen, you receive an alert.

View Notifications

Use Click to View when a notification pops up. The pop-up appears only for the most important notifications.

Alternatively, click Cancel () to read the notification later. A maximum of 100 notifications going back up to six releases can be accessed by clicking the Bell Icon ().

You can switch between All and Unread tabs with a click. Each notification deemed as high-priority is marked with an orange tag ().

The notifications are up to 80 characters long. Longer messages are shared through links to documentation, release notes, and videos.

Last updatedWednesday, April 10, 2024

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