Manage Users in Knowbler

A Knowbler admin can share admin privileges with others through email invitations. The recipient can click the link in the email to activate their account.

Activation requires setting up a password and answering a security question.

Registered users can log in from the More on logging in has been explained in Log into Knowbler

Invite Users

Sending users an email invitation is straightforward. Expand Administration and open Manage Users and click Invite New User.

Enter the email address of the person you are sharing admin privileges with and click Send. Knowbler supports two roles: Admin, and Super Admin. An Admin can add new Admins but it can never remove an Admin. The permission to remove an Admin is with the Super Admin.

Change User Permissions

You can delete a user account or change a user's account type from Admin to Super Admin any time. To delete a user, click and to change the account type use .

Last updatedThursday, December 28, 2023

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