Add and Edit Connections

Knowbler uses a password management system to simplify authorization. It stores the passwords which simplify installation. It's recommended to use the system instead of taking a detour during configuration. So we'll add a connection first.

Add a Connection

  1. Log into Knowbler either from Marketplace or from

  2. Expand Administration, open Connections, and click Add Connection.

  3. Select "Salesforce" or "Zendesk" from Choose Your Platform.

  4. In Connection Name, insert a descriptive label. Labels help you distinguish passwords from one another when you have stored several of them. A descriptive label can be "Salesforce {{Role}} {{Org Name}}".

  5. Client URL is always for Salesforce orgs but for Zendesk instances, you have to enter a URL.

  6. Select either Production or Sandbox.

  7. Click Connect & Save.

Edit a Connection

You have successfully connected Knowbler with Salesforce. When the login credentials linked with your org change, then use the edit function to authenticate again. Editing impacts mapping. If you have edited a connection, don't forget to review its mapping.

Deleting a connection is easy. Simply press .

Last updatedThursday, December 28, 2023

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