View Admins Logs in Knowbler

You can review a record of the actions performed in Knowbler Admin Logs in Administration. An entry in action logs appears each time any of the following changes occur:

  1. Configuration keeps a record of the changes made in connections. Changes include: Updating labels, deleting templates, clicking Reset, activating and deactivating templates, creating custom templates, and adding new mappings.

  2. Analytics shows the admins who view, download, and share reports.

  3. Admin Logs are those who interact with Admin Logs. The mere action of opening Admin Logs creates an action to be logged.

  4. Credentials record each event in which the data in the Credentials tab is edited, added, or deleted.

  5. Manage Users keeps you on top of events, including adding and removing users.

The logs can be filtered by activity type. In the default state, all activities are selected for the preceding month are selected.

You can use the search box to pull up logs containing a particular activity and use to download the logs.

Logs Table

In the report is a table with four columns: Email, Activity Time, Section, and Activity Information. The column contains the email address of the admin who makes changes. Time is recorded in the second column. Section can take one of the five values mentioned in the introduction. The rightmost column has details on the action performed.

Last updatedThursday, December 28, 2023

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