View Subscription Status in Account Information

Account Information provides subscription, instance, and resource usage details in one place. It’s available to all Admins. Along with giving a brief overview of subscription information, it provides a quick look into your resource utilization summary as well.

Find Account Information

Go to Administration and click Account Information.

Account Details

This section includes all account-related information, such as license type, release version, support package details, and subscription start and end dates. You can also view the location of the server where your account data index is hosted.

My Instances

Shows all your SearchUnify instances, including sandboxes. You can also find a status page URL to enable real time infrastructure monitoring.

Usage Details

A summary of account resource utilization.

  • Admin Panel Licenses. The number of active licenses (Admin users) on your SearchUnify instance.
  • Resources.Shows the number of Service Desk Management Tools and Knowledge Management Tools in use. A glance at this section gives an idea of when the resource utilization is peaking and an upgrade is required.
  • API usage. Gives the API consumption rate for daily and monthly consumption for Search, Analytics, and Content along with allowed limits.

Last updatedThursday, December 28, 2023

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